Buyers Guide

When considering big decisions in life like purchasing a house it could become a very stressful process and get a bit mind-blowing. However, buying a house can be made easier when you are prepared and have chosen the right avenues. The list below will help you ease the buying process. Hopefully, once you browse through the list, you will be convinced that buying a home in the tricities will be an effortless process.


Buying with me to find your next home will be a stress-free process, where I will make it my priority to find the right home that matches your criteria as long as it might take. I will be available to you whenever requested whether you need a property shown or simply a phone call for any clarifications or questions. With my monthly newsletters and daily emails, you will be notified of the all the new listings that hit the market. I will also notify you of any properties that are shown through agent open houses before getting listed on MLS.

  • I will make sure your criteria are met by showing you properties that are only of your interest
  • Once I find you the property of interest, I will provide you with a thorough Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of all the homes that are for sale and the recently sold properties in the area and use my negotiation skills to get you the home without over-paying for it
  • I will ensure you that you have a smooth experience when it comes to all your upcoming closing costs and provide you with professional such as lawyers, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, contractors, etc. I will work with you to make this experience impressive and gratifying


The home buying process can be daunting and can take longer than anticipated. Listed below are a few steps to take into consideration when buying a home.

STEP 1: The most crucial and most important step in the process is to get a Full Mortgage Pre-Approval, so you know exactly how much you qualify for.

STEP2:  Be prepared to provide the requested deposit. The deposit in the KW Region typically ranges anywhere between $10,000- $20,000 for an average priced home.

STEP 3:  With my daily listing emails, please notifying me of the properties that are of interest so I could arrange a showing in advance to avoid any disappointments.

STEP 4: Once we have seen the home and you like it, I will provide you with a CMA. It is realistic to have a proper market value before presenting an offer to the seller and the listing agent. Offers are presented in different formats with the most common one being completed electronically but other methods are accommodated to satisfy my clients.

STEP 5: Once your offer has been accepted, the deposit cheque needs to be delivered to the listing brokerage to secure your purchase. You will need a lawyer to complete the purchase. If there are any conditions on your offer, we will work together and sign waivers and fulfilment forms to make the offer firm and binding.

STEP 6: After the deal has been firmed, you will have the right to visit the property 1-3 more times before closing day. I encourage my clients to reserve one visit for the day before closing to check all appliances and make sure they are in good working condition.

STEP 7:  A few days before closing, your lawyer will contact you and arrange a meeting to complete the transaction.

STEP 8: On closing day your lawyer will arrange to have the keys to your new home once the funds have been transferred.


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